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Branded Apparel

If You Want to Wear It, We Will Help You Design and Print It!

At Minuteman Press, we are ready, willing and able to meet with you to help you choose the right clothing design to match your brand with the appropriate type of custom apparel to meet all of your unique needs. Whether you are looking for T-Shirts for corporate events and trade shows, custom sports team jerseys for your team or league, golf shirts for special outings or unique items for corporate or charitable events, we have you covered from head to toe.

Call or stop by your local Minuteman Press center for a consultation that will make for a smooth and seamless process from concept to completion. You can come in and simply have your existing company logo printed on the apparel or clothing accessory of your choosing, or you can also completely customize your design. If you want to wear it, we will help you design and print it!

Why custom apparel?

A huge part of brand awareness that often gets overlooked is the value that comes with having company employees dress the part to promote both professionalism and teamwork. Having colleagues take a uniform approach will remind them they are truly working together as part of a team, and this will not only impress outside visitors and business partners but also reinforce your brand. Ultimately, when a person or group who represents your company is at home base, out in the field or traveling on business to a trade show or elsewhere, having them wear company-issued apparel such as custom polo shirts with your logo and color scheme is an easy and effective way to keep brand awareness alive and well across the board.

Minuteman Press Custom Apparel:

  • T-Shirts for Corporate Events and Trade Shows
  • Custom Sports Team Jerseys and Activewear
  • Clothes for Charitable Events, Runs and Walks
  • Golf Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Company Uniforms, Sunglasses, and More!
  • Outerwear and Specialty Apparel
  • Minuteman Press Custom Apparel Accessories:
  • Sports Caps, Hats, Headbands and Wristbands
  • Bags and Blankets
  • Gloves and Scarves
  • Robes/Towels including Golf Towels
  • Specialty Items - Aprons, Scrubs, and More!

Contact us online, call us on the phone 860.872.1826 or see us in person for FREE Face-to-Face Consultations!